A Thousand Pieces Of You – Claudia Grey


Another great start for a trilogy. I started this right about five seconds after I finished Trial By Fire, because I was actually searching for a book which is not the beginning of the trilogy. Needless to mention, that I failed.
Why is this picture so big? Because I love it.
The story takes place in Russia, in London, in the US and some more places else, so I think this cover is more as beautiful and suiting.
Do you find yourself in a situation sometimes where you just look at the cover and think “I have to buy it because it looks good. No clue if it actually is good. But I’ll buy it!”?
Yah, that was me the moment I saw that cover. Normally I check first, what the description says but I’ve already gone wild. “Don’t care. Buy. BUY! BUYBUYBUY!! WHY IS MY INTERNET SO SLOW?!

I am proud to say that I am relieved because this book is amazing! (My vocabulary is still expanding so don’t be too hard on me. I am always this enthusiastic when I finish a book which thrills me that much…)

What happens?

Meg has some issues with her hate-and-anger-management.
Okay, If the guy I was wondering if I could fall in love with would kill my father, delete all the great research of my parents (who are intelligent as Einstein by the way) and take the Firebird (You can travel through dimensions with this sneeky invention!) to vanish – yes, I would explode.
How could Paul do this to her and her family – his family? Paul and Theo, both some real intimidating geniuses, worked over years hand in hand with her parents to develope this invention. Paul was like a brother to Meg (the brother you think is pretty hot, apparently). Theo has this brilliant idea to hunt Paul down – together with Meg. Theo is like a brother to Meg, too, but there is also some very sparky tention there. I will stop here but I can promise you this book contains a breath-taking adventure with many turns and very interesting characters you will be glad to meet.


Seriously? You still need an opinion? If you search for a book, which you can’t put away and which carries you off into another dimension (haha. literally.) – READ IT!

There might be some few pages where you want the story to move ahead more quickly, but I think that’s tolerable. There is so much fun in figuring out who the “bad guy” is and to be frightened at the end because you don’t really know what is coming next!