Erased (Altered #2) by Jennifer Rush


Hallelujah! Guess who is becoming a bad ass heroine? Ops, that was a little too fast. Let’s start at the beginning. The first book, Altered, was quite pleasing but you constantly had to fight the urge to beg Anna, the main character, to use her brain. Or her legs and arms in terms of self-defence.


They fought the Branch and now they’re on the run. All of them (Anna, Sam, Cas and Nick) are experiencing memory flashbacks*. Anna’s mind is beginning to show her images, blurry visions or conversations with people, she doesn’t recognise from the old life that was erased by the Branch. There is something more hidden deep inside of her head but she’s just starting to figure out what this could be.
Suddenly, the group becomes aware of a young woman running around town asking for someone called Anna. Turns out Anna’s presumed dead older sister Dani isn’t very dead at all. But before they can find her and contact her, the Branch (of course. Pf.) interferes and captures her.
Anna is determined to rescue her sister and with the help of Trev they can free Dani – and some other boys who were kept imprisoned. But Anna and Sam discover something terrible – these boys, after being thankful for their rescue, turn into blank faced fighting machines.
Anna has more and more memory flashbacks* and she feels as Dani is hiding something from her (as is Sam … and Nick … kind of everyone, except Cas). But blood is thicker than water, right?
*memory flashback; caused by the withdrawal of the memory-erasing/memory-suppressing drugs, side effects: (very much) fainting, staring blankly and getting more and more incommunicative


This book was as well written and easy to read as the first one, but I was more enthusiastic about the story because Anna wasn’t a whiny, tiring and foolish character. She puzzles all the pieces together – way quicker than in the first novel (what took her forever). She is getting to know Nick better (what I really, really like because he was my secret favourite) and begins to question everything. Of course, she makes mistakes but this time they are understandable and absolutely human enough to be excused.
Her doing is bringing the story ahead. At one point, I can’t really name it, I began to wonder who Anna has become. She changed so completely you might have also just put a new character in the story in exchange for Anna. Yes, characters should evolve but she … changed nearly completely into another person (okay, the circumstances weren’t that great, she had to adapt I guess).
The ending was .. abrupt and a clean (bloody) cut. If you didn’t know there was a third book you would’ve thought this is it. The series is complete! (The third book is called “Reborn” and I’ll read it as well)

I would totally recommend the second book if you’ve read the first one, but there were too many discrepancies to give this book more than 7 stars.
However, you totally have fun reading this story! It was kind of like a nice snack in the end.