Reality Is In A Dream – Lauren Mayhew

Okay, this review will be a hard one. Normally I’m not going easy on stupid plots or poor writing, but since I’ve found the book through the Author Lauren Mayhew here on WordPress, I was afraid as sh*t to write a review about it because hurting people’s feelings is always unnecessary.

So, here we go.

Pages: 178
Language: English
Price: 4,50
Author: Lauren Mayhew


“Most dreams are a reflection of recent events in your waking life. Not for Liliana. Hers begin to reveal a forgotten life – memories that fill her with joy and fear.
When a pair of eyes begins to watch her from the sky, she cannot shake away the feeling of dread that washes over her with their every appearance.
The only person that she can trust to help her is her best friend Justin. Together the begin to decipher Liliana’s dreams in an attempt to uncover the truth, but it soon becomes clear that they are dealing with events that are far beyond their imagination.
The more that the two of them uncover, the harder it becomes for Liliana to distinguish between two realities. Has her thirst for answers put her and Justin in danger? ”


This is the first review I’m writing in the process of reading the book itself.  I’ve read only 17 % so far and I’m confused. That’s okay, the lovely Lauren told me it’s all planned this way, so I’m going to chill and try to get more into the story.
So far, there are only a few things I rather dislike.
Liliana, the main character, has some girlfriends … who are actually no friends? Or are? I don’t really get it and if I had the choice, I would’ve left them behind and not put them in Liliana’s  … “Maybe-friends-but-not-really-Zone”.
Also – everyone is calling her Liliana? Doesn’t she have a nickname?
But these things are just secondary and all a matter of taste (I like nicknames and I like people with real friends, that’s all).
The flashback’s Liliana is having are confusing and I’m not sure if I like her, yet. All the figures seem so two-dimensional (for now, but I haven’t even read further, so chill everyone :D).
Still, the idea of combining the topic of dream and reality, where these two cross paths, is good and fascinating and I’m eager to find out, what’s going on.

Okay, forget everything I said before!! (Except for the stupid girlfriends of hers. They just suck and are totally irrelevant to the plot…)
Liliana finally gets nicknames, the flashbacks are getting more and more interesting and I felt as if the writer did know every doubt I had on the plot or the circumstances or everything else: After battling through the first 40% (I read it on my Kindle) the story began to make actually sense and the characters weren’t that flat and uninteresting anymore! (Sorry, Lauren. The beginning wasn’t the best, but you made up for it! Oh, hell yeah, you did!)
The style of writing was good, you could picture everything the main character is describing, just the lack of compassion for the characters (in the beginning) ruins it a little bit for me (It’s not you, it’s me.)

First 40 pages be like

Reaching the 50 %

Until you reach the last page

I can’t give this book more than 2.5 stars out of 5, because the beginning wasn’t really easy to read, actually. I don’t want to be mean, it’s only my opinion. Of course, the book gets better the further you read, but the problem is, if I hadn’t wanted to read it so badly I wouldn’t have finished it, if I’m honest, because nobody knows that after swimming through what feels like tar you are being rewarded for suffering so long for an actual clue or interesting turn in the plot.
I would recommend it to everyone who is just curious how reality and dream can be combined and it’s really unique in its own way, I’ve never read anything like this before. The only weakness lies in the beginning. I will continue reading this series, because now I’m really curious what’s going to happen next!

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2 thoughts on “Reality Is In A Dream – Lauren Mayhew

  1. Thank you! This is the sort of criticism that I need! So far you’ve been to only one not to like the beginning, but if more people mention this, I’ll think about making it more interesting! Thanks again for buying my book 🙂 xx

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