King of Ash and Bone (Shattered Realms #1) by Melissa Wright


First of all I want to thank Melissa Wright for giving me a free copy on amazon, so I could read and review this book 🙂 Thank you! 
Title: King of Ash and Bone
Author: Melissa Wright
Pages: 217
Released: 2015
Price: 8,20 €


“When flying monsters break through the veil into her world, Mackenzie Scott has nothing left to lose. Her brother has been taken, her future has vanished, and all that remains is a desperate need for revenge. After discovering the breach the creatures used as a gateway, Mackenzie devises a plan to stop them, whatever the cost.

When she finds an injured stranger in the street, he just might be the key she needs to succeed. What Mackenzie doesn’t know is that this stranger isn’t the helpless boy he appears to be. He’s one of the monsters. And he’s got plans of his own.

Thrown into a dying city in another realm, Mackenzie is powerless to get back. With the gateway closing, time is not on her side. But the stranger is, and if they can escape execution, this girl and her monster might be able to save both their worlds.”


I finished this book an hour ago and I used this time to think about the whole story. I really wanted to like this book and I kind of did, but I think I missed the point where you connect with the main characters, because I didn’t. At all. That makes me wonder if it’s caused by the very confusing events or if it’s just me.

What I liked and hated the same time was the style of writing. I loved it, because it had its own way of describing things and emotions but I couldn’t get access to what’s happening.

Mackenzie is a real strong character, giving the fact that her whole world is threatened by monsters and she’s taken to another “realm” as her saviour (Hunter) is calling it. She wants to save her brother and develops some feelings for the secretive “Hunter”.  I liked her; she was reasonable and not drooling over Hunter for no reason as in every second romance book.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get into this “Is-it-a-romance?”-thing these two are having. Attraction is developed, okay, I got that, but it made me feel nothing. I didn’t ship these two because there wasn’t something special, something that the author usually catches in words and makes the reader’s mind tingle (If you know what I mean).
I’m not disappointed because I had no idea what to expect, but I think that there could’ve been more to the story than events strung together. After finishing half the book I still had no idea what was actually going on. This might be the biggest flaw of this rather interesting book.

It’s not helpful if you have no idea what is going on and the information that is been given has no value at all. In this case it wasn’t the nice “I’ll-have-some-clues-and-I’ll-figure-out-what’s-happening”, no, I just didn’t understand … why. I’m sure it’s not the language barrier because I’ve read so many English books I think I can say, that I haven’t had this problem ever.

All in all: This book is an interesting read, but not my piece of cake, unfortunately. But I would recommend everyone to try it so you could make up your own mind.
I saw that Melissa Wright wrote some other novels, like the Freya-Saga, and I think I’ll look into them. Maybe they’re more suited for me.

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