Travel + Family = Chaos

My family is driving me nuts. Seriously.

I’m leaving tomorrow for Rome. Everything seemed perfectly normal, I packed my things, printed my board card … my aunt and my uncle arrived to say goodbye and that’s where the chaos started.

In my previous German post I’ve written about how happy I am to finally leave (also called “anticipation”). Okay, not exactly in these words but similar. I’ve mentioned too that I have no clue what actually to do when I arrive at the airport because my last flight was about five years ago (more or less)

My aunt asked me if it’s written down how much baggage I can bring with me. Then everyone panicked because on my board card is stated that I can bring hand luggage only up to 8 kg.
 So everyone in my family thought I could ONLY bring hand luggage up to 8 kg with me.

If you have a Croatian Mum and her side of the family is coming with their kids – it’s insane. Because the Family needs to know everything, has to approve of everything and if something might be wrong – everyone should be panicking. That’s the way it works. My Dad’s family is much more rational. They would just check the internet rather than creating one horror scenario after the other.

Unfortunately, I’ve started to believe them, calling hotlines in Frankfurt which do not work on Sundays. I really panicked as well, removed clothes from my bag and weight it until I was down to 8,1 kg.

… After I spamed my best friend with message over message on whatsapp, she said of course it’s okay to take another bag up to 20 kg for your check-in baggage. Google said that too.

You could imagine my reaction. Yeah, right, I wasn’t pleased at all for making me go crazy about two hours.
Now, I’m just ready for bed. Don’t you dare make me go crazy again. 

What I’ve learned? Don’t listen to your family in travel affairs. Ever. Again.

Images via here and here.


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