My Week in Rome – Part I

Sounds like a movie title. Nevermind, here are some pictures to keep you occupied until I’ve finished my “What You Should Do” – Post for Rome. … and yes, I seem to be really into streets. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them. Sorry. Enjoy 😀


sitting on the Spanish Steps while eating delicious Pasta from a place called … something with Pasta? (I’ve forgotten the name). Again. (I’ll ask my bestie! Promise). Lena said, it’s the best Pasta in town (and she had at least six months to test everything out.) I got some tomato sauce on my top but didn’t notice until we came home, about five hours later. Duuh.


And that’s what a Panorama-Picture-FAIL looks like. She showed me this incredibly beautiful view over Rome. This is one of the entrances to the “Villa Borghese Park”. We made some fun of the statues, posing and giggling while the other people just rolled their eyes in annoyment.


Don’t jugde. At least I didn’t turn Columbus into a … bad painted woman.

Told you.

Platz von Oben

That is a veeeery big square. I wish, I’d remember the name (Google says “Pincio”). We climbed down there after walking what felt a thousand miles around the Park. I know, that in the curch on the right (barely visible) are some very cool Caravaggio Pictures (If you don’t know who that is, shame on you. He was awesome. And odd. And crazy)

Irgendein Platz
Look at the nice lady watching me suspicously. Hi, there.


I think, this might be Wednesday. No, Thursday? There was one rainy day, where we stayed at home and watched “Tangled”.
Nevermind. You can see “Castel Sant Angelo” or the “Engelsburg” (Castle of Angles) as we call it in Germany. On the left is a specific type of human being – the people who want you to buy selfie sticks, umbrellas or sunglasses. This was the first and last time we saw someone selling a dancing micky mouse (this would totally work for me and my bestie if we were drunk at a party and needed some distraction)

View Engelsburg

The view was … rustic. But I liked it.


Yeah. Another church. The biggest of them all (I wish I could’ve sayed HI to the pope. Shame) It’s the Vatican. And many, many people. Bah.


I suck at Panorama Pictures, I know that. But every other picture is crap. See for yourself:

Vatican 3

I’m not a professional photographer and I hate it, when people are staring at me while I want to take good pictures. That day wasn’t really my day for taking good pictures. The Vatican is huge, impressive and when the sun is shining, it takes your breath away. (SO not my picture)


When you’re leaving the Vatican in the right direction and wander around, you’ll find this tiny shop called “Castroni”. If I had enough money, I would’ve bought everything. Sweets. Wine. Spices. EVERYTHING.
Unfortunately I don’t. So, you go and enjoy yourself !


Just a street. And a big house. (near the Vatican, probably) Poor you, there are a lot of these kind of pictures coming.


Yap. The Colosseum. Many, many people of course, wanting to explore these ancient walls (and it’s totally worth it!). We just stopped by (“stopping by” = walking through Rome and spotting the Colosseum). I was in there before and I think you should really see it. It’s gigantic.
We basically just sat there, resting. This whole week in Rome was basically one big workout.


One quick look at the “Arch of Constantine” (Konstantinsbogen) and we were on our way to the “IKEA OF FOOD” as Lena called it.

I’ll upload PART II as quick as possible, promise!

Any thoughts, questions or did you spot a very gruesome mistake you want to point out? Let me know! 😉


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