One-Sentence-Review of “Spook”-Series

I thought about doing something Quick&Different for my 100th blog post (… Wow. 100. I never have imagined that I would write that much) – so here you go! 😉

I’ve read the last seven books of the Spooks-Series and finally finished it! Because I didn’t want to write a #QuickTip anymore, I’ll do it this way.


“I don’t know why I’m reading this – I can’t even watch a Horror Movie without hiding under my blanket.”


“Yap, still here and I know that Tom Ward with his 13 years is so much braver than I’d ever be.”


“That’s the point where I’ve lost any sanity and read until 3 am.”


“Witches aren’t nice and if they want to bring the evil itself into the world – sh*#§ gonna go down!”


“Glad to meet you, Spook Bill Arkwright, If I’d be a witch (or as Tom your apprentice) I would literally wet my pants.”


“Everyone always knew that Tom’s Mum was special – guess what, THAT what’s coming you didn’t imagine in your wildest dreams!”


“We always knew that Tom’s best friend Alice’s relatives are dangerous, Bony Lizzie is one of them…”


“Never offend a powerful witch, because there is more to the world than Demons and Witches – old gods for example.”


“I LOVE IT!!!!!! Because a ruthless witch assasine is awesome!”



“… Look at the picture and you’ll get it.”


“The book you can’t decide if it’s bad or not – it has Grimalkin in it but nothing to do with the actual storyline.”


“The book where you think that Alice is pretty bad ass – but you knew this already!”



“The book where you hate Joseph Delaney for ruining pretty much everything. EVERYTHING. … Oh, another sentence is needed: Suddenly, Book 11 makes sense.”

That’s it, I hope you enjoyed it
(it is much harder than I thought to pick just one sentence without spoiling anything)

Now get your butt up and check your library! You definitively need to read these books!

Images via here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here, here and here, here.


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