How Grey’s Anatomy Died

#WARNING# If you want to catch up with grey’s anatomy or haven’t seen that much, you’ll better NOT read this post!

Because I can’t write it down (I may explode or use very bad language) I’ll show you. After Izzie leaving and George dying it was hard for me to continue but I was already drugged and had no control over my rational part of the brain.


1. Lexie Grey & Mark Sloan (“McSteamy”)

They started well – I fell for them.

“… Yeah, you like me? I’m going to die.”

… and here we go: The first time I wanted to do very bad things to Shonda Rhimes.

2 people killed.The 2 most interesting people on the show (or at least the funniest besides Christina) Well done, Shonda Rhimes, well done.


2. Mark Sloan & Derek Sheppard

“… because he died and I can’t do funny things with him anymore.”

” You really had to die with Lexie, hadn’t you? “


3.  Owen Hunt & Christina Yang

“We’ll waste so many seasons on Christina & Owen, because Shonda Rhimes knows, that they’ll never end up together. Isn’t that fun?”



4.  Meredith & Christina

“Staying friend forever? Haha, good one. I’ll leave the show and you’ll be dark and twisted as ever, Mer.”


FINALLY 5. Meredith and Derek

“I wish, I hadn’t said that. Seriously”.

“I’ll die in a stupid car accident because grey’s became boring. Cheers, Sweetheart!”


“…because grey’s anatomy died long before the last terrible death of another main character.”

Got the GIF’s from here, here, here, here, here, here , here, here,here.


8 thoughts on “How Grey’s Anatomy Died

  1. omg!!!!! I’ve actually never watched this tv show… don’t know why, but I know quite a few people that do, and I’ve seen it on TV hundreds of times… And even though i don’t watch it I’m kinda shocked so many of these characters died, or that much bad stuff happened… after seeing this I don’t know if I want to watch it because of it or not… does that make me a bit sick?!:)

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  2. It’s not great anymore, but I can’t stop watching. I have already invested 10 years in it, right? What’s another season? Though, I can only assume cancellation is in the very near future.

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    • I talked about it with some colleges and they said they’ll probably finish this and the next season because surely grey’s will be cancelled. I love April and Jackson as much as Joe and Alex but they aren’t shown enough. I’ll probably finish this season but it’ll be over. I’m so sad. It shouldn’t have ended this way … wow. Now I’m talking like I had a bad relationship. … but I was kind of in love with greys (If u re-watch the first seasons … my gosh, i still love them :D)

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