Should I continue reading Catch 22? – Catch 22: Aufgeben oder Weitermachen?

There hasn’t been a book in a long time which needed this amount of concentration. Catch-22 is a classic and while relaxing in the garden, a friend put this book into my hands and told me to read it. Has anyone out there read Catch 22 – because it’s so exhausting. The style of writing isn’t really my cup of tea, but the characters are pretty interesting (crazy and strange). After 50 pages, I gave up. I was on vacation and didn’t want to upset my brain with “high” literature while doing basically … nothing (yes, I know, I’m a very lazy person and I should use my free time in a more … efficient way). Now, somebody mentioned to me that there is a secret in Catch-22 (which isn’t really a “secret”) – and I read the wikipedia article (shame on me!). Now, I’m eager to read the book because I know what it’s all about. But can I get through that awfully exhausting style of writing? Is it worth it?  What would you suggest?


Joseph Heller

453 Pages

“His problem is Colonel Cathcart, who keeps raising the number of missions the men must fly to complete their service. Yet if Yossarian makes any attempts to excuse himself from the perilous missions that he’s committed to flying, he’s trapped by the Great Loyalty Oath Crusade, the bureaucratic rule from which the book takes its title: a man is considered insane if he willingly continues to fly dangerous combat missions, but if he makes the necessary formal request to be relieved of such missions, the very act of making the request proves that he’s sane and therefore ineligible to be relieved.”


Selten habe ich so ein anstrengend Buch gelesen wie Catch-22. Was heißt schon gelesen? Nach rund 50 Seiten wurde mir der Schreibstil für den Urlaub zu anstrengend. So viel Verrücktheit in einem Buch, dann auch nur scheinbar “verrückte” Personen … es ist sehr reizvoll, das gebe ich zu, aber ich hatte nun einmal nicht den Nerv. Als aber jemand das “Geheimnis” bei Catch-22 erwähnte, das eigentlich keins ist (uh lá lá), konnte ich nicht widerstehen den Wikipedia-Artikel zu lesen (ja, Schande über mich). Die Frage bleibt – lohnt es sich, sich durch die anstrengende Sprache durchzuquälen? Hat da jemand Erfahrungen gemacht?

Catch 22

Joseph Heller

592 Seiten

“Catch 22, also Falle 22 oder Trick 22- das ist die ebenso irrsinnige wie ausweglose Dienstanweisung für das amerikanische Bombengeschwader, der zufolge Bomberpilot Yossarian nur dann von weiteren Einsätzen verschont bleibt, wenn er als verrückt anerkannt wird. Verrückt aber kann niemand sein, der sich weigern will, immer weitere großenteils sinnlose Einsätze zu fliegen. Also muß Yossarian ebenso wie seine Kameraden weiterfliegen, obwohl er sich die größte Mühe gibt, als verrückt zu erscheinen. Durch scheinbar absurdes Verhalten der militärischen Maschinerie ihre eigene Absurdität zu demonstrieren. Aber die Kriegsmaschinerie, gespeist aus persönlichem Ehrgeiz, Dummheit, Brutalität und Duckmäuserei, erkennt ihren eigenen Irrsinn nicht in dem Spiegel, den Yossarian – im Grunde der einzig Normale unter lauter Verrückten – vorhält.”

5 thoughts on “Should I continue reading Catch 22? – Catch 22: Aufgeben oder Weitermachen?

  1. This is EXACTLY how I feel about this book. I bought it about 14 years ago and think I’ve started it about 4 times by now. Everytime, I just can’t be arsed to go any further than about 50 pages as well. The writing style is dreadful. The war genre is BLEH. And still, I keep trying every so often, because this is supposedly a classic and people I think are hilarious keep saying this book is hilarious. So I must be missing something right? So I don’t know what to suggest to you :D. Maybe we should turn it into a buddy read sometime and keep each other motivated while ploughing through it :P.

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    • hahahhaa omg I really thought I was the only one struggling with this stupid style of writing. But, yes sure we probably should 😀 Let me know, when you want to face it again – I’ll be by your side and pretend it isn’t as dreadful as it truly is 😀 … I’d like to say there are bigger challenges in life but for a book nerd who didn’t get through Catch-22 it’s quite a problem xD

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      • *highfives*! xD I’ll poke you when I mustered the courage for it again! Hahaha, they say the same thing about Finnegans Wake by James Joyce. Have you tried that book? My first reaction to that was: “WTF is this?!” The second reaction was returning it to the library. Some things might be called a classic, but I’m sure as hell not going to waste my time on something as horrid as that :P.

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      • hhahha great! I’m right here, waiting for you 😀 … Finnegans Wake? I don’t think so. Never heard of it, actually. But if the book is worse than Catch-22 … I can’t even begin to imagine what you were going through (poor you :p).

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