I’m a 19-year old german student who wanted to create a place (mainly) for books and to get in touch with all the fellow bookworms out there. I like chocolate, I’m obsessed with some TV-Shows and there is nothing better than to spend an evening lying around with your friends and doing nothing. My english isn’t really that great but I’m trying (please give me credit for that). Feel free to leave a comment or ask questions! 🙂
Have a great day!!

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16 thoughts on “About

  1. Franzi! Your blog is bursting with life too! Your joie de vivre oozes through every facet: your prose, the blog layout…the watermelon. I would definitely encourage you to write in English as much as possible for two reasons. (1) the more you write, the more quickly you’ll improve (2) I will be able to read your posts! I wanted to study German when I was a kid and the time came to pick a language and my mom made me study Spanish as it would soon be the most widely-spoken language in the world. I don’t blame her…I met my husband during my study abroad in Madrid! But I still wish I had started learning German when I was young…

    I’ve taught advanced ESL for 11 years…you know for the Cambridge Proficiency Exam. Weird considering I’m an American but whatever. Your English is not that bad at all! It’s actually quite impressive. Let me guess, you speak it much more than you write it? It’s not your grammar, it’s little things like punctuation. The same mistakes that native speakers make! Hold your head high, girlfriend!

    (And if you ever want to write in English and fear mistakes, I’ll correct them and you can delete my correction comment. you won’t offend me…I just like to help.)

    Thanks again for following my blog! I’ll do my best to read yours…can you write in Dutch? I can read that…

    ps — I eat a TON too. hard to say if I read or eat more. 🙂

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    • O! My! … I’m blushing. You are so nice!!!! And yes I would be soooooo thankful if you correct mistakes. I’m feeling kind of drunk with pride right now because my english teacher told me that my english is way too colloquial (My spelling with some words is still the worst) and I have no structure at all.
      Sadly, I can’t write in Dutch :/
      Wow. Cambridge. I could’ve done the Cambridge Certificate but was too lazy if I’m honest *blush* Thank you again I still don’t know what to say except for Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! 😀
      Have a lovely day and hopefully find something sweet and sugary to eat 😀

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      • there’s nothing wrong with colloquial language when you’re writing a blog! A dissertation for a ph, D yeah, but not a blog!
        How old is your teacher? Is she a uni professor or just a teacher in an academy?


      • … If I had to guess about 50-something. Nobody really wanted to let her teach anymore but our school hasn’t got a big budget so she was the one to prepare me and my classmates for my finals (and that not really well). Thank God I haven’t seen her since ;D

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    • Uhlala! Ich hab dich bei bloglovin sofort gestalkt weil sich wordpress und blogspot iwie nicht ganz vertragen!
      Ui vielen Dank *rot-werd* ich werd jetzt sinnlos rumstottern und iwann damit aufhören.
      Sehr lieb, dass du vorbei geschaut hast 🙂


  2. Hey hey Franzi. Würde dich gern für den Liebster-Award nominieren. Bin mir aber gar nicht so sicher ob du das vielleicht sogar schon gemacht hast. Wenn du Lust hast kannst du ja die Fragen auf meinem Blog beantworten: iamanissa.wordpress.com 🙂 Liebste Grüße, Anissa

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