10 signs, you have found your friend for life

I consider myself a very lucky person, because I know that friendship is very important in everyone’s life and I’m lucky enough to have found some seriously crazy people, who I can call friends. It’s always hard to have friends who even like you, when you’re doing some stupid things. Drunk or sober, doesn’t really matter (Sometimes you can’t tell the difference. Unfortunately.)

1. You consider really hard to share your food with them.

giphyI think that’s one of the most important signs. Sharing FOOD. Nobody wants to share their best piece of chocolate-cream-cake, let alone to give somebody a piece of this amazing explosion of calories.
But: True friends consider to share, before they lick over everything you want to eat, so that you don’t want it anymore.
Just kidding. Sometimes I even share.

2. The most valued “chill-outs”

If you don’t have a clue what to do next, so that you don’t have to finish your stupid, unnecessary and at the same time important paper – you hang out with your best friend. You don’t need a plan, you just meet up, lie down on the fluffy carpet and talk about everything that is bothering you.
Like the final season of Scandal, grey’s anatomy and way too much other shows you waste your time with. But they are amazing, aren’t they?

3. Problems

You can’t solve the problem? Well, your best friend can’t solve it as well, but thats not the point. You need a steady shoulder to cry on as long as you can and until your bestie notices all the snot? You can count on them.
Every single time your parents had a stupid fight or when you consider yourself the dumbest person on the planet, because you can’t solve that stupid math homework (who can?).
Everywhere (yeah, that’s the thing. With two best friends currently chillin’ in Chicago and Rome? Skype is making this a little more complicated.)

4. Mind-reading

This is only is established to a degree of perfection after long years of friendship. You look at each other and .. oh, yeah. You know exactly what he or she is thinking, because you are mostly thinking the same thing.
Sometimes it get’s so creepy, that you text the same time to hang out or see the same hilarious meme on 9gag and have to share it immediately. Or say the same freakin’ thought out loud in class and everyone is staring at you…
This is one of the things I love most about my relationships with my very best friends. Sometimes you don’t need words. They just know.

5. Battle through

“Did you remember when we had this fight?” You’ll ask your bestie and he or she knows exactly what you’re talking about.

Normally you have this one big fight with your bestie and after that it’s like … make-up sex only wihtout the sex part. You have to battle through some bad times, when you just want to kill each other constantly. But as in marriage, sometimes you love and hate each other at the same time. Crazy, isn’t it?
When you manage this obstacle, your friendship grows more stronger. And if you haven’t had this fight  – everyone is different, but I experienced it many times that a friendship splits apart or grows stronger, when it’s tested.

6. Obesssing over the same things

You have to be smiliar to a certain point. Your personalities can’t fit, when you like StarWars and your bestie likes … I don’t know, Bridget Jones?
Usually you are into the same kind of humor and that’s very important. If you can’t make each other laugh – what’s the point?
Im my case, we love american and british TV-shows and laugh about the same stupid jokes. But …

7.  … the differences

… are important as well! I mean, sure, it would be super fun to hang around with another me, but come on, to discuss topics and to get to know new things through your bestie is one of the best parts. He might show you new music he discovered recently. Or a new book, a new film, a hilarious video he found on youtube … this list could go on and on, but I think I made my point.
(His music taste is mostly awful, but this time you like it too)

8. Encouraging each other

Your otherhalf always tells you to keep doing what you love to do. If this means writing, painting, dancing or collecting stamps   – you were always told to do what makes you happy. Sometimes you need to hear this, because everyone loves a little bit of Encouragement.

9. Honesty

You can always tell her or him, when shes being so terribly annoying that somebody has to stop her (or me), to shut the hell up.
Or she does something really stupid like texting her crush drunk. You better tell her, that you’ll crush her phone, before you let it happen again.
That sort of stuff. Come on, you know what I mean!

… and if they can stand you drunk, you found friends for life. (10.)


Test that theory on new years eve!
See ya!

ps: you can keep the grammar mistakes. I’m really trying!