#Update – April 201

Hello there!
(My skills in the category “How to greet Readers nicely” haven’t really improved.)

I thought, it was time for an Update-post, because I seemed to have vanished.

Just finished: “I am Grimalkin (Spook #9)”

Well, a few weeks ago I wrote a German post, that I’ve ordered the 9 missing Spook-books (because they never got translated into German) … and I’m really sorry, but I couldn’t stop reading. I feel a little bit drugged but can’t help it. Currently, I’m reading Book No. 10 “Spook’s Blood”.

Don’t worry – for those of you who don’t know the “Spook-Series” (I won’t say shame on you, because I rediscovered them just a few weeks ago myself), a #QuickTip will be up soon 😉

Remember those?


Yes, I promised to read these two beauties, but the “Spook-Series” is like the new toy in town and all the other toys have to deal with a high amount of “I’m-currently-neglecting-every-damn-book-okay?-Deal-with-it!”. But I’ll catch up.

… but not after I’ve finished these precious ones.


Unfortunately, Uni (or as you call it “college”) is starting Monday and after taking a good look on my schedule I realised, that I have to get myself WiFi on the train or I’ll be damned. No, it’s not that bad, but I’ll post whenever I’m feeling like it (that might be 5 days a week or just one or two post’s. We’ll see, won’t we?)

Thank you so much for reading this and reading other posts (there are 61 clearly crazy people who decided to follow me. That’s so sweet! But, seriously, people, what is wrong with you? (I’m blushing right now)) If you feel like leaving a comment, I’d be glad to answer as quick as possible 😉

 Has anybody read the Spooks-Series or is going to? Whatever it is, feel free to share your thoughts!

See you soon and have a great day (I’m going to cook Noodles now, because Noodels are great. Did you know, that I used to spell Noodles NODDLES? … Well, now you know.)

 Sending you a big hug! (and lots of Spaghetti!) xx


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My Week in Rome – Part II

Our final days were just filled with wandering through Trastevere + the center and eating more Pasta & Pizza.
IMG_1577 9 out of 10 photos, there is always my bestie on it (she walks quicker than I do. I’m more the “shopping walk”-type.)

 …. aaand we were lucky enough that the weather turned out to be phenomenal! This is the “Monumento a Vittoria Emanuele II” – I think it’s great, but Lena told me that the Italians hate it. So, don’t tell an Italian that you think it looks great. Just don’t.


A street. With buildings.

Another street. I strengthened the colours.


This is the “entrance gate” to a housing area. This particular area is the “Cartiere Coppede“, filled with buildings in the style of “art nouveau” or “Jugenstil“. Just a few pictures to show you how beautiful a walk through a quiet neighborhood can be.


Yep, this is a chandelier. IMG_1650


Look at this beautiful architecture. I hated to talk about it in art class but I just LOVE it seeing them in real life.


Again, I put some more colour in that picture, that you can see the ornaments.


I waited for what seemed an hour but he didn’t go away. Neither did I. But eventually I gave up.


After walking until our feet began to burn (again) we made our way towards the “Gianicolo” one of the two big hills of Rome. (Before that we got ourselves cookies and unhealthy ice tea to picknick between the couples…)


My little digi-cam (yes, you’ve heard right) can’t really capture the feeling. But I tried.


I should have informed myself but really … this whole trip was to relax not to get myself informed. Unfortunately.

Piazza Navona

Next day – back to Piazza Navona. We are on our way home but want to explore more of Trastevere.


… and then we found our old enemy: a whole lot of stairs. Some Italians couldn’t understand why we’d be so happy about stairs without any tourists on it (They called us “stupid Americans”… well, Italy isn’t actually known for its kindness).


I like that one. Of course it’s not me! It’s my Bestie, taking pictures of Rome. On top of that staircase.


That’s me. …. I was not creative enough to find another pose that suit’s me and doesn’t make me look like I’m retarded. Whatever, I’m happy.


Walking away from the entrance and towards the platform.


… and another hill in Rome. Her favourite. “Aventino” (one of the 7 hills in Rome).

I have a bunch of photos (selfies) and reeally akward stuff but she would kill me if I’d put them on the Internet. I’ll upload some other pictures if I figure out how to install a gallery. Until then:


Act crazy and make sure to visit Rome! 

Travel + Family = Chaos

My family is driving me nuts. Seriously.

I’m leaving tomorrow for Rome. Everything seemed perfectly normal, I packed my things, printed my board card … my aunt and my uncle arrived to say goodbye and that’s where the chaos started.

In my previous German post I’ve written about how happy I am to finally leave (also called “anticipation”). Okay, not exactly in these words but similar. I’ve mentioned too that I have no clue what actually to do when I arrive at the airport because my last flight was about five years ago (more or less)

My aunt asked me if it’s written down how much baggage I can bring with me. Then everyone panicked because on my board card is stated that I can bring hand luggage only up to 8 kg.
 So everyone in my family thought I could ONLY bring hand luggage up to 8 kg with me.

If you have a Croatian Mum and her side of the family is coming with their kids – it’s insane. Because the Family needs to know everything, has to approve of everything and if something might be wrong – everyone should be panicking. That’s the way it works. My Dad’s family is much more rational. They would just check the internet rather than creating one horror scenario after the other.

Unfortunately, I’ve started to believe them, calling hotlines in Frankfurt which do not work on Sundays. I really panicked as well, removed clothes from my bag and weight it until I was down to 8,1 kg.

… After I spamed my best friend with message over message on whatsapp, she said of course it’s okay to take another bag up to 20 kg for your check-in baggage. Google said that too.

You could imagine my reaction. Yeah, right, I wasn’t pleased at all for making me go crazy about two hours.
Now, I’m just ready for bed. Don’t you dare make me go crazy again. 

What I’ve learned? Don’t listen to your family in travel affairs. Ever. Again.

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