800 Pages of near-death-experiences for the Reader: “Winter” (Lunar Chronicles #4)

Yes! YES YES YES YES! I’m sorry, but in my very unhappy phase this time of the year I’ve totally forgot that there were great books for me to read. How could I’ve possibly forgotten “Winter”? And “Firewalker”  which I finished on Friday. I’ve read three books over the past three days. I had literally no life besides putting my nose between those pages. And I’m so happy I did it – so I can tell you why you should get your nice little bum up and go to the next store to order you “Winter” – or “Cinder (#1)” if you haven’t started on the series, yet!

One of my problems I’m facing: I can’t tell you much from the plot because so much action is happening, my brain is still overflowed with emotions. I can’t…even …
Okay, enough kidding. You want an epic showdown? You want to see that b*tch of a Queen (Levana) go down?  …. and you want to experience some very deep emotions from all ranges (from anger, hatred, shock to pure happiness (okay the last one just a little bit))? Get the frigging book! (I’ve read that word (“frigging”) in “The Woman Who Stole my Life” a week ago and I’m forcing myself to find it less funny because it actually isn’t that funny…)


All the other book bloggers out there take notes (this is really intelligent) and structure their posts (which is even more intelligent) – but I’m guessing this blog is as messy as my brain (I promise I’ll improve myself). I’m truly sorry for that. I thought about re-starting this blog, with real structure, with discipline and with hard work – than I thought: Why now? You did this for fun, not to please anyone … really.
Here’s the deal. Over my free time until February (… give me some more time, okay?), I’ll deal with my blog. With my content. And with my ideas. I’m going to get some structure in here, some more discipline and basically a little less … of a mess.

Ops, I lost my focus. Again. See what happened? Okay, back to the book. Why should you read the final book (bad question – if you have read the three books before you are already a fan, so we’ll skip that part). Let me rephrase: Why should you start a series with four books, who are just “YA-Novels”.
Because their fun. So much frigging fun. (Ops, I did it again. .. I made you believe…. nananana.. No, wait. Sorry.)


You want facts? I’ll give you facts – let’s count points. It has Cinder (+1), Kai (+1), Cress (+1), Scarlet (+1), Thorne (+1), Wolf (+1) .. [skip the characters and add +30 or so], it takes place (not only in) space (I MEAN SPACE! STARS! SHIPS! A FRIGGING PLANET CALLED LUNA!) [+100], it has character developments, hundreds of turn-around-moments and moments you want to strangle the b*tchy bad guys. It’s awesome.

+1 – I like Winter, the little insane princess. Sometimes she is so insane, everything makes sense. Wait. Did I just say that? That’s insane. Damn.

Surely, you’ve noticed that my neutral point of view on this book vanished as soon as I’ve read the last word. 800 pages guys – 800 pages of JOY!

GET UP AND GET IT (that frigging book (ok. last time. I swear)

Franzi is back.

Lots of love x



Waiting on Wednesday #6 – “Winter” (The Lunar Chronicles)


“Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill (breakingthespine) that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.”

Title: Winter (Lunar Chronicles #4)
Author: Marissa Meyer
Release Date: November 10th 2015
Expected: TO BE AWESOME. If not, you better explain yourself, Marissa Meyer!

I’m just staring. Seriously. Something about this cover is so hypnotic .. I can’t explain it. Staring. Oh God, I should better keep this under control. You can read the summary to give you a little taste of what’s coming, I’ll stare in the meantime.

What is going to happen?

“When Princess Winter was thirteen, the rumor around the Lunar court was that her glamour would soon be even more breathtaking than that of her stepmother, Queen Levana. In a fit of jealousy, Levana disfigured Winter. Four years later, Winter has sworn off the use of her glamour altogether. Despite her scars, Winter’s natural beauty, her grace, and her gentleness are winning admiration from the Lunar people that no amount of mind-control could achieve.

Winter despises her stepmother, but has never dreamed of standing up to her. That is, until she realizes that she may be the only one with the power to confront the queen.”

“Can Cinder, Prince Kai, Scarlet, Wolf, Cress, Thorne, Princess Winter, and the palace guard Jacin find their happily ever afters? Fans will LOVE this amazing conclusion to the series.” (Goodreads)

Why should you be as happy as I am?

All the ones who loved the Lunar Chronicles will understand. The others – well, you should probably catch up. I know, some people say they’re bad books and some people have different tastes or are a somehow insane (No. I’m serious. This books work just this way: You like them or you don’t. Fortunately, I do.)
I am SO going to love that book, because Cinder, Scarlet and all the others are gonna ***** the ***** out of that evil glamourous queen. Or, at least, I hope so.
… aand I love happy ends, okay, it shouldn’t be too “love, peace and harmony” but it would be nice, if the author finds the endings every character deserves.

I want it. Now.

That’s all I’ve got. So, what’s your opinion? What did you choose as Wow? Let me know!

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#QuickTip #5 – “Lunar Chronicles” (Marissa Meyer)

English Version below


Heute will ich euch allen die Lunar-Chroniken ans Herz legen! Jaaaah, wer Märchen nicht so sehr mag oder Märchen-Remakes noch weniger, kann hier natürlich etwas skeptisch sein ABER wie immer: Alles Geschmackssache und von mir bekommt die Reihe eindeutig ein fettes “Muss-Gelesen-werden!
Wer mal genauer auf die Cover schaut, kann sich schon denken, welche Märchen hier völlig neu aufgelegt und ineinander verflochten werden.
Alle drei Protagonisten der drei Bücher treffen im Laufe der Geschichte aufeinander

“Cinder lebt bei ihrer Stiefmutter und ihren zwei Stiefschwestern, arbeitet als Mechanikerin und versucht gegen alle Widerstände, sich nicht unterkriegen zu lassen. Als eines Tages in unauffälliger Kleidung niemand anderes als Prinz Kai an ihrem Marktstand auftaucht, wirft das unzählige Fragen auf: Warum braucht der Prinz ihre Hilfe? Und was hat es mit dem plötzlichen Besuch der Königin von Luna auf sich, die Prinz Kai unbedingt heiraten will?
Die Ereignisse überschlagen sich, bis sie in dem großen Ball, auf dem Cinder sich einschmuggelt, ihren Höhepunkt finden. Und diesmal wird Cinder mehr verlieren als nur ihren Schuh …” (via hier)

Es ist schon eine Weile her, seit ich die drei Bücher gelesen habe, aber mir haben sie außerordentlich gut gefallen. Die Welt von Cinder, Scarlet und Cress hat bei mir sehr viel Anklang gefunden und überzeugt auch durch dreidimensionale Charaktere und einer interessanten Geschichte. Hier gehen natürlich die Meinungen auseinander, aber weil ich so schön subjektiv sein kann, würde ich sie wirklich jedem empfehlen! Ich glaube, ich lese das nochmal, wenn ich im Flugzeug nach Rom sitze. Zeit muss totgeschlagen werden und mit diesen Büchern, geht sie sogar noch schneller vorbei! Wer Interesse hat, kann die Bücher entweder bei amazon bestellen oder bei booklooker stöbern. Hier gibt es immer mal ein Schnäppchen! (Vor allem für die englischen Ausgaben. Die habe ich auch bei mir zuhause liegen. Die deutschen sind zwar schnieke, aber teuer)

5/5 ★


Today, I’m going to talk you into the “Lunar Chronicles”, because no one should miss them and I’m sure some people out there still haven’t read them … YET. Maybe, you’re not into a fairytale-remake or fairytales at all (what is wrong with you? Okay, true, fairytales are pretty cruel if you read them more closely) but maybe, I can change your mind.
The story about Cinder, Scarlet and Cress is still unfinished (I think, there is one more book to come), but nevermind. The books are amazing! You can kill time if you need to and dive in into a really cool and really futuristic world.


“Humans and androids crowd the raucous streets of New Beijing. A deadly plague ravages the population. From space, a ruthless lunar people watch, waiting to make their move. No one knows that Earth’s fate hinges on one girl.

Cinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg. She’s a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness. But when her life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s, she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle, and a forbidden attraction. Caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal, she must uncover secrets about her past in order to protect her world’s future” (Cinder)

I really enjoyed this series and I hope I could give you a glimpse of what is awaiting you behind those pages. The characteres are characteres you can easily bond with and the world is very realistic (by realistic I mean: I just enjoyed living in another world for a while, I didn’t really questioned much).
Come on, give it a try! You won’t regret it! I’ll re-read it on my flight to Rome, because I have the books in softcover and you should always bring some books when you’re on a plane. Right?

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