Why Beautiful Book Covers Are Dangerous

It starts with a glimpse. You didn’t intend to buy that book (in fact you didn’t intend to buy a book at all because you know you’re broke again) but you did. Why? I tell you, why.

After reading “Magonia” by Maria Dahvana Headley I was disappointed. If I’m honest it’s not because the story was bad (it wasn’t) but because it never had a chance to be this awesome as I want it to be.
We’ll take this book as an example (there are so many other beautiful-Cover-books out there but this one made me think about the difficulties of book covers). If you want to read the Review just click on the Cover (damn, it’s beautiful!)

There are the three stages of the “Beautiful-Book-Cover-Syndrom“.

1. You fall in love with the Cover  even though you haven’t really read the Synopsis on the back (yet).

This is where you can cure yourself quickly – if this book isn’t really your Genre or Type, in 80% of the cases you can convince yourself that you’ll be fine without it.
The remaining 20% are the dangerous ones because you assure yourself that experimenting with new kind of stories is always something good (is it? If you know you can’t read horror books without having sleeping problems and the Cover is dangerously beautiful… I wouldn’t pick the book. I’m stronger than that (or so I believe)).

2. You’ll open the first page at home (or “on the train”, “on your way to work” .. insert whatever you want) and start reading while your brain is singing “THIS WILL BE THE BEST BOOK (eveeeeeeeer)”

 You know … it’s not rational and not healthy for you or your expectations. You should’ve turned around and resisted that sweet temptation. …. You couldn’t. So you read and read and read and if this book is at least a good three out of five you won’t be THAT disappointed.

3. You start panicking because the “Awesome-Factor” hasn’t kicked in yet and you really want to love this book beyond anything.

It’ll be fine, you say to yourself, it’ll come. There will be something … something big and great and AWESOME that is going to make me love this book so hard! Nevertheless, your hopes will be shattered because you realise very quickly – at the end of the road there is just disappointment waiting for you.
I’m sorry.

4. Grieving or Denial. Or Anger. 

You reached the last page. You close the book. You stare at the wall with a blank expression. Yes. It’s true. This book wasn’t great. In fact, it was really bad.
Are you ready to admit that to yourself?

Come on.

… and after that you realise why beautiful book covers are dangerous. No one could’ve lived up to the irrational high expectations you were having after seeing the Cover, because your own imagination isn’t limited by words, number of pages or characters.
The next time you see a gorgeous book cover – you’ll have to resist.

… even though we both know, that won’t be the case.

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My Week in Rome – Part II

Our final days were just filled with wandering through Trastevere + the center and eating more Pasta & Pizza.
IMG_1577 9 out of 10 photos, there is always my bestie on it (she walks quicker than I do. I’m more the “shopping walk”-type.)

 …. aaand we were lucky enough that the weather turned out to be phenomenal! This is the “Monumento a Vittoria Emanuele II” – I think it’s great, but Lena told me that the Italians hate it. So, don’t tell an Italian that you think it looks great. Just don’t.


A street. With buildings.

Another street. I strengthened the colours.


This is the “entrance gate” to a housing area. This particular area is the “Cartiere Coppede“, filled with buildings in the style of “art nouveau” or “Jugenstil“. Just a few pictures to show you how beautiful a walk through a quiet neighborhood can be.


Yep, this is a chandelier. IMG_1650


Look at this beautiful architecture. I hated to talk about it in art class but I just LOVE it seeing them in real life.


Again, I put some more colour in that picture, that you can see the ornaments.


I waited for what seemed an hour but he didn’t go away. Neither did I. But eventually I gave up.


After walking until our feet began to burn (again) we made our way towards the “Gianicolo” one of the two big hills of Rome. (Before that we got ourselves cookies and unhealthy ice tea to picknick between the couples…)


My little digi-cam (yes, you’ve heard right) can’t really capture the feeling. But I tried.


I should have informed myself but really … this whole trip was to relax not to get myself informed. Unfortunately.

Piazza Navona

Next day – back to Piazza Navona. We are on our way home but want to explore more of Trastevere.


… and then we found our old enemy: a whole lot of stairs. Some Italians couldn’t understand why we’d be so happy about stairs without any tourists on it (They called us “stupid Americans”… well, Italy isn’t actually known for its kindness).


I like that one. Of course it’s not me! It’s my Bestie, taking pictures of Rome. On top of that staircase.


That’s me. …. I was not creative enough to find another pose that suit’s me and doesn’t make me look like I’m retarded. Whatever, I’m happy.


Walking away from the entrance and towards the platform.


… and another hill in Rome. Her favourite. “Aventino” (one of the 7 hills in Rome).

I have a bunch of photos (selfies) and reeally akward stuff but she would kill me if I’d put them on the Internet. I’ll upload some other pictures if I figure out how to install a gallery. Until then:


Act crazy and make sure to visit Rome! 

“What If” or “The F – Word”

Harry Potter isn’t Harry Potter anymore, it’s Daniel Radcliffe, an incredibly talented actor who is one of the nicest and funniest guy’s in Hollywood. Well, I haven’t met him personally (of course not, look at me) but the way he’s acting in interviews and doing pranks or rapping the “Alphabet Aerobics” on the Fallon-show, I think that’s enough material to prove his awesomeness.

I didn’t actually plan on reviewing movies (I mean, I don’t plan at all, what is not the best way to behave when you’re studying.) but I watched this one about ten minutes ago and I had to share my opinion with you!

The Plot

“Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) is a medical school dropout who’s been repeatedly burned by bad relationships. While everyone around him seems to be finding the perfect partner, including his friend Allan (Adam Driver) in girlfriend Nicole (Mackenzie Davis), Wallace decides to put his love lif on hold.
It is then that he meets Chantry (Zoe Kazan), an animator who lives with her longtime boyfriend Ben (Rafe Spall). Wallace and Chantry form an instant connection, striking up a close friendship. There is no denying the chemistry between them, leading the pair to wonder, what if the love of your life is actually your best friend?”

taken from here


Because I was getting more and more unproductive, just lying around and dreaming while doodling some really ugly flying furniture, I thought I should watch a movie and not “Crazy Stupid Love” (I did it anyway) but a movie, I haven’t seen but always wanted to watch. So, I remembered this one and I got cosy with my hot tea and my laptop on my lap.

And I wasn’t disappointed. It’s refreshing to see actors who are (in my opinion) underrated, bring life into such an common but still interesting story.  The whole movie captures you and doesn’t let go. You have to watch the two main characters Chantry and Wallace establish a friendship (you well know between you and your bestie) but with a little more chemistry. It’s so funny it hurts, because on the other side Wallace torments himself because he doesn’t want to risk his friendship but clearly wants to be more than friends with Chantry.
In the beginning I really struggled to like Chantry, because I feared she would turn out as a stupid b*tch (like the movie 500 Days of Summer) but no worries, this movie is really, really good.

You’ll like the dialogs, you’ll like their weird friends, you might like her longtime boyfriend not so much but he’s just really not interesting enough to dislike him. Brilliant performance by Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan! (And I really liked that little Chantry-look-alike fairy who accompanies her throughout the movie)
I totally recommend watching this lovely movie!

If you want to get a feeling for this cute romantic comedy, here you go with the trailer (and if you are interested in an Interview with Daniel R., you know what to do ;))

Have a lovely day and If you leave a comment (I’m curious what you might think!) I would be very, very happy 😀

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Die Känguru-Chroniken von Marc-Uwe Kling

9/10 ★

Die Geschichte ist einfach, weil es eigentlich kaum eine Geschichte ist sondern in sehr vielen Kapiteln eingeteilte kleine Geschichten sind. (Macht dieser Satz überhaupt Sinn?)

Marc-Uwe Klingt ist Küns – nein, Kleinkünstler und lebt in Berlin. Eines Tages klingelt bei ihm ein Känguru und bittet ihn um Pfanne, Milch, Mehl, Eier und bringt Marc-Uwe schließlich dazu, auch noch für die Füllung der Eierkuchen einkaufen zu gehen (“Aber nicht bei LIDL!”, schreit mir das Känguru noch hinterher.*)

Die beiden kommen sich im Laufe der paarundachtzig Geschichten immer näher und während das Känguru testet, ob Marc-Uwe auch den richtigen Musikgeschmack hat (“Mögen Sie Nirvana?” – “Die Band?” …. “Nein, das Jenseits. Natürlich die Band.”*) werden die Lachmuskeln auf das Brutalste gereizt.
Das ist dann der Moment, in dem man sich entscheiden muss: Lache ich jetzt lauthals in der Sbahn los oder versuche ich es zu unterdrücken, so dass man denkt ich hab Verstopfungen?

>Dabei prägt dieses Wunderwerk an Genialität Wörter wie “Tütensuppentotalitarismus” oder Ausrufe wie “Alles Hähnchen”! Am Besten bleibt aber noch die Devise “Lieber fünfmal nachgefragt, als einmal nachgedacht!”*. Dieser Roman glänzt mit Satire und politischer Witzigkeit (dass ich das je schreibe, erschien mir unmöglich!).

Das Känguru entpuppt sich als leidenschaftlicher Kommunist mit einer Vorliebe für Schnapspralinen. Es ist natürlich auch bei der “Jüdisch-bolschewistischen Weltverschwörung für eine gerechte Weltordnung, für Brot für alle und die Ächtung des sogenannten Musikfernsehen e.V.” und bringt mit seiner großen Klappe nicht nur einmal Marc-Uwe Kling in Schwierigkeiten. Seine Abneigung gegen Ikea fördert das Einkaufen von Teppichen nicht wirklich und bei McDonalds einen “Whopper” statt eines Hamburgers zu bestellen bringt die armen Bediensteten auf die Palme.

Marc-Uwe Kling merkt nach einiger Zeit, dass er die Schnapspralinen des Kängurus nicht ungestraft verstecken kann (er hatte es nur gut gemeint), denn kaum merkt es, dass seine Leibspeise fehlt, malträtiert es den Künstler mit “Pseudo-witzige-Wortverdrehungen”*, die er zutiefst hast.
“Du weißt, dass mir pseudo witzige Wortverdrehungen physische Schmerzen bereiten!”
– “Wie was zum Bleistift?”, fragt das Känguru*

In Kapitel 44 lernen wir Klings wunderbaren Psychater kennen, der kaum etwas anderes sagt als “ahaaaa” … und “dieses Känguruuuu” (genial vertont von Kling persönlich!). Denn er nimmt an, dass das Känguru nur ein Hirngespinst Marc-Uwes ist.
Die Reaktion, wenn er das Känguru endlich trifft ist superb. Marc-Uwe will eigentlich nur über die “latente Gewaltbereitschaft*” des Kängurus reden und das mit einem unparteiischen Schiedsrichter.
“Ist mir unklar, wie der unparteiisch sein soll, wenn du den bezahlst!”, sagt das Känguru*.

Kurz vor Schluss kommt auch noch ein neuer Nachbar ins Spiel – der Pinguin von gegenüber. DER Antagonist des Kängurus. Was es mit ihm auf sich hat, erfährt man im zweiten Teil der Reihe.

Hier ist alles noch ein wenig “ungegliederter”, denn die richtige “Handlung-Handlung” etabliert sich erst in Teil Zwei! Tatsächlich denke ich, dass es Allgemeinbildung ist, diese Meisterwerke zu kennen, denn man lernt dadurch Einiges und manche Sprüche wird man wohl mit ins Grab nehmen, so gut sind die. Kriegt von mir “nur” 9 Sterne, weil ich ja weiß, wie sehr es sich von Teil zu Teil steigert (dabei dachte ich nach dem ersten Teil ist das nicht mehr möglich!)

“Dies ist der Beginn einer wunderbaren Freundschaft”, sagte das Känguru.*

*alle mit einem Sternchen markierte Stellen sind Zitate aus den “Känguru-Chroniken” und deren Eigentum liegt nicht bei mir

Altered #1 – by Jennifer Rush

3.5/5 ★

This book was a hard one. I’m so glad that Anna, the female protagonist, could turn the corner because I really wanted to like this book.


Anna lives with her Dad together (Mummy is dead) and works with him on scientific stuff. The creepy thing is that they nurture four boys, who are all living for about 5 years in their basement.
The mysterious Sam, Trev the calm one, the always hungry Cas (very high identification level!) and the grumpy Nick. While Anna gets along well with everyone, she is always scared by the furious Nick who obviously thinks that being held in a glass prison for 5 years isn’t that great, while Anna and her father are taking bloodsamples and testing their abilities.
(Anna always wonders why he hates her so much. Ehm, excuse me? Would you naturally become best buddies with your prison guard?)
Nevertheless she manages to be best friends with Trev and to bake herself into Cas’ heart (Chocolate Chip Cookies? Seriously?).
Of course, Anna is always asking herself what all these tests are for but her father won’t give her the answers and so she …. what? You thought she tries to find out the truth? No way, she’s just like “oh okay. Nevermind. Poor boys. Anna and her Dad are working for the “Branch” and sometimes this “Branch-guy” Connor visits. Or Riley. There are two guys but seem to me as one person being multiplied. Oh, and she’s in love with Sam, obviously.
After Sams managing a brilliant escape, Anna’s Dad begged them to take her with them because she would be punished as well for the outbreak.


The first thing I have to say: Anna is freakin’ dumb sometimes. She can’t help it, I think.
Wait, I’ve saved the quote… Where is it? Ah, here:
(Situation: They have to steal a car to save their lives!) … and Anna is like:

“I just … I don’t know if I’m comfortable with all this.”
He gave me a look. “Now is not the time for your morality to make an appearance.” (Trev)

Her life is threatened by some Branch agents and all she can think about is …. I have no idea what she’s thinking. Maybe she wanted to run all the way to Lancaster (where they were headed) because she is totally working out every day in the lab?
That was the first time I rolled my eyes but nevermind, I still had hope. (This hope died soon enough but we’ll come to that later).
Okay, this story between Sam and Anna is interesting but I’m more interested in the question if Anna will become a bad ass in the near future, because this whiny and confused-acting girl isn’t made to be a main character in the story!
While Cas saves the story with his hilarious jokes and his steady hunger for any food, I hope, that something might accidentally kill Anna. No, just kidding.

In the beginning Anna mentioned that she had some combat lessons, so I had some hope she could defend herself. The funny thing is, while she totally failed the first few times … out of nowhere (the last 50 pages maybe) she was all hero-bad-ass-like. I haven’t seen that coming because it was really happening without a plausible reason!

However, I have complained enough. The story lives (thankfully) with the boys (she calls them “boys”. They are grown man with manipulated genes but nevermind. Boys fits just fine). The characters are authentic and funny (Cas, will you marry me?) and the style of writing is good as well.
There are enough suprising turns or new information introduced to the characters but while Anna is too dumb to figure at least something out on her own, Sam has to do all the work while she’s gaping at him to keep the reader interested.

Eventually, I’ll read the next two books, because Anna got herself together and I want to read some more about Cas, Nick and Trev. (Especially Cas … and the grumpy Nick. I might be the only one who like him … maybe because he’s is the only one giving everyone a hard time AND staying interesting. A very difficult combination if you think about it!)

Just, so that you have an example, here is how Cas works (constantly thinking of pizza and icecream. I love this guy!)

“We’re free!”
Nick sayin’ something grumpy!
“Awesome.” Cas rubbed his hands together. “Anyone have some marshmallows?”

Sure, I do.

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Die erste Studentenparty

Es ist offiziell. Ich habe meine erste Studentenparty hinter mir. Hätte ich das auf irgendeiner seltsamen To-Do-Liste stehen, könnte ich es jetzt abhaken.
 Leider habe ich ein Faible für To-Do-Listen und erstelle sie, um sie entweder a) zu verschlampen, b) zu vergessen oder c) sowieso nicht durchzuführen (bevorzugt To-Do-Listen, die den Alltag betreffen.)

Ach, Mainz, du wunderbare Stadt, deren Altstadt ich vielleicht, wenn es hochkommt, zweimal gesehen habe, mit deiner noch wunderbareren (ist das ein Wort?) Uni.
Es war eine phänomenale Nacht mit intensivem Tanz (Aua. Diese Tanzfläche ist zu klein für uns beide!), gut verständlichen Gesprächen (“WAS HAST DU GESAGT?! DIESER BASS IST VOLL LAUT!”) und dem typischen Absturz (“Pass auf, dass der Kleiderständer nicht auf dich fällt, okay? Ich fang jetzt an, in diesem Kleiderhaufen nach unseren Jacken zu suchen.”).
Alles in allem eigentlich so, wie eine Studentenparty sein muss.
Der Garderobenservice wird mir wahrscheinlich für immer im Gedächtnis bleiben, denn sowas habe ich noch nie erlebt. Vier Garderobenständer und … wie viel? 100 – 200 Studenten? Am Ende sah das aus wie ein riesiger Maulwurfshügel aus schwarzen Jacken und ich Depp hatte mich gegen meinen roten Mantel entschieden.  Man hat sich da durch diese Berge gewühlt, ist auf die Ständer geklettert und hat bestimmt nicht nur einen Fußabdruck auf den unten liegenden Jacken hinterlassen. Man fühlte sich ein bisschen wie ein Bergsteiger – der alles kaputt macht.
Aber, aber, wir wollen schließlich nicht so negativ sein. Die Musik spiegelte den alkohol- und kunstnebelgeschwängerten Charakter der Party wider. Also harte Beats, ab und zu konnte man mal mitsingen, aber meistens konnte man wegen dem Autoschlüssel in der Tasche nicht einen … gewissen Pegel anstreben, um das Ganze durchzustehen.
Allerdings hatte ich trotz all dieser scheinbaren Hindernisse sehr viel Spaß. Scheinbar findet es das andere Geschlecht es total “geil”, wenn man seine Kommilitonin an der Hand hinter sich herzieht. Zumindest haben sie das von sich gegeben.
Das Tanzen gestaltete sich dann doch etwas als Problem, denn man kann auf lauten Technobeats eigentlich nur betrunken tanzen, weil die Melodie eher … nicht existent ist. Aber egal – irgendwie haben wir alles ausgepackt: Vom Egypter, bis hin zum Charleston (sie dachten erst das wäre ein Enten-Techno-Dance. Aua.). Um mich dann ekstatisch zu bewegen und alles anzutanzen was nicht bei drei auf den Bäumen ist … naja, das habe ich dann eher den anderen überlassen. 😀

Als wir dann irgendwann gegangen sind, konnten wir noch einigen gut angeschäckerten Studenten den Weg in Richtung der Party weisen (anscheinend hatten sie sich verlaufen. Oder waren vorher von den FREE COOKIES angelockt worden.).

Das Einzige was ich wirklich mitnehme: Scheiß auf die Party’s im Winter. Geh hin, wenn du keine Jacke mehr brauchst!

Bis bald.

10 signs, you have found your friend for life

I consider myself a very lucky person, because I know that friendship is very important in everyone’s life and I’m lucky enough to have found some seriously crazy people, who I can call friends. It’s always hard to have friends who even like you, when you’re doing some stupid things. Drunk or sober, doesn’t really matter (Sometimes you can’t tell the difference. Unfortunately.)

1. You consider really hard to share your food with them.

giphyI think that’s one of the most important signs. Sharing FOOD. Nobody wants to share their best piece of chocolate-cream-cake, let alone to give somebody a piece of this amazing explosion of calories.
But: True friends consider to share, before they lick over everything you want to eat, so that you don’t want it anymore.
Just kidding. Sometimes I even share.

2. The most valued “chill-outs”

If you don’t have a clue what to do next, so that you don’t have to finish your stupid, unnecessary and at the same time important paper – you hang out with your best friend. You don’t need a plan, you just meet up, lie down on the fluffy carpet and talk about everything that is bothering you.
Like the final season of Scandal, grey’s anatomy and way too much other shows you waste your time with. But they are amazing, aren’t they?

3. Problems

You can’t solve the problem? Well, your best friend can’t solve it as well, but thats not the point. You need a steady shoulder to cry on as long as you can and until your bestie notices all the snot? You can count on them.
Every single time your parents had a stupid fight or when you consider yourself the dumbest person on the planet, because you can’t solve that stupid math homework (who can?).
Everywhere (yeah, that’s the thing. With two best friends currently chillin’ in Chicago and Rome? Skype is making this a little more complicated.)

4. Mind-reading

This is only is established to a degree of perfection after long years of friendship. You look at each other and .. oh, yeah. You know exactly what he or she is thinking, because you are mostly thinking the same thing.
Sometimes it get’s so creepy, that you text the same time to hang out or see the same hilarious meme on 9gag and have to share it immediately. Or say the same freakin’ thought out loud in class and everyone is staring at you…
This is one of the things I love most about my relationships with my very best friends. Sometimes you don’t need words. They just know.

5. Battle through

“Did you remember when we had this fight?” You’ll ask your bestie and he or she knows exactly what you’re talking about.

Normally you have this one big fight with your bestie and after that it’s like … make-up sex only wihtout the sex part. You have to battle through some bad times, when you just want to kill each other constantly. But as in marriage, sometimes you love and hate each other at the same time. Crazy, isn’t it?
When you manage this obstacle, your friendship grows more stronger. And if you haven’t had this fight  – everyone is different, but I experienced it many times that a friendship splits apart or grows stronger, when it’s tested.

6. Obesssing over the same things

You have to be smiliar to a certain point. Your personalities can’t fit, when you like StarWars and your bestie likes … I don’t know, Bridget Jones?
Usually you are into the same kind of humor and that’s very important. If you can’t make each other laugh – what’s the point?
Im my case, we love american and british TV-shows and laugh about the same stupid jokes. But …

7.  … the differences

… are important as well! I mean, sure, it would be super fun to hang around with another me, but come on, to discuss topics and to get to know new things through your bestie is one of the best parts. He might show you new music he discovered recently. Or a new book, a new film, a hilarious video he found on youtube … this list could go on and on, but I think I made my point.
(His music taste is mostly awful, but this time you like it too)

8. Encouraging each other

Your otherhalf always tells you to keep doing what you love to do. If this means writing, painting, dancing or collecting stamps   – you were always told to do what makes you happy. Sometimes you need to hear this, because everyone loves a little bit of Encouragement.

9. Honesty

You can always tell her or him, when shes being so terribly annoying that somebody has to stop her (or me), to shut the hell up.
Or she does something really stupid like texting her crush drunk. You better tell her, that you’ll crush her phone, before you let it happen again.
That sort of stuff. Come on, you know what I mean!

… and if they can stand you drunk, you found friends for life. (10.)


Test that theory on new years eve!
See ya!

ps: you can keep the grammar mistakes. I’m really trying!