Scarlet (A Robin Hood story) – by A. C. Gaughen

4/5 ★

Scarlet is a book I wanted to read for a veeeery long time. So, here we go!

Yes, I’ll admit it … one of the “I-love-the-cover-let’s-grab-it!”-Books. I mean, look at it! Every girl who loves stories about girls disguising themselves as boys because they’re so much smarter than everyone else will take this book back home.

What happens?

Scarlet is a thief, a pretty good one. Working hand in hand with Robin Locksley or better none for Robin the Hood and his two fellows Much and John (John Little), they steal from the rich and give it to the poor – so that they can pay their horribly high taxes to the cruel and mean and very, very bad Sheriff of Nottingham.
We are leaving Scarlet’s obvious eating disorder out and will deal with the real problem here. Some douche bounty hunter was hired by the unforgivingly very bad Sheriff to get the “band”, as they call themselves, caught or killed (killed, I think).
While Scarlet is the “every-time-someone-asks-questions-about-my-past-I’ll-hide-somewhere”-type, Robin tries to figure out how to save the people of this poor little town and how to get Scarlet to unravel herself. Turns out, there are way more secrets that you would’ve guessed.


I really had to get used to Scarlet’s slang. I don’t know if this was really regular for the commoners but she was (actually) the only one talking like this. That was quite annoying but never mind, you get used to it very quickly.
Scarlet is a very fascinating character, with fascinating I mean: Sometimes you want to slap her though in some other moments you are just surprised how badly she wants to survive anything. It was clear from the beginning that she was hiding everything about her, but you get to enjoy the journey when she is talking about her past and you are trying to piece everything together.
The interpretation of John little was a bit confusing. In “Scarlet” he’s a lady killer and creeping me out, I can’t really say why but he is!
Robin, by the way, is just perfect. Cute, good-looking, handsome, charismatic, brave etc. but sometimes he has his outtakes (as Scarlet does – that’s why they fit together perfectly!). For God’s sake, tell Scarlet if you like her and Scarlet, get yourself together and figure out what you want.
What struck me most were the brutality and the big amount of blood that was shed. (For a girl’s book, let it be understood) It’s not the lovely tale of Marian and Robin, where you can turn everything into a happy ending – it’s the story of starving, desperate people who need a hero like “Robin Hood.”
I liked it, but I was missing the spark. Sometimes everyone gets so whiny or the story is stagnating and last but not least: No kissing. … and I mean, no kissing of the people who should kiss! … I know, I know, that’s so girly.

The Young Elite by Marie Lu – My new favorite


I cried out in anger. Literally. This ending …. and now I have to wait until October 6th?? Oh, please, dear lord, make it stop. I can’t suffer that long.
I’m serious. This book is … so much better than her Legend-cycle (well, I still have to read the last book but nevermind)! Like an addict I read everywhere: while I was walking, standing and of course on the train … and when I should listen to my lectures. I’m lost. I can’t say anything without going mad, because I can’t continue reading this marvelous book.
But I’ll try.

This is the story of Adelina Amouteru, a marked girl who survived the blood fever and is now a so called “Malfettos”. Repressed by her cruel father who considers her as useless and an abomination. After facing execution she was saved by  the “Young Elites”, a group of remarkable Malfettos with special powers. She has a special power, too and they offer her to train her in exchange for her alliance with them.
But while she begins to like the Young Elites, her little sister Violetta is imprisoned by the leader of the inquisition and … so there are some very huuuge complications. 
That’s where my summary is getting worse. I can’t say more about what is going to happen, you just have to read this magnificent book!

As expected it is written so delightful that you can’t stop yourself from … inhaling this story as quick as possible. The main characters are lovable and three dimensinal. While you struggle at first to dive into the thoughts of Adeline you come to the conclusion that she is indeed as real as possible. Everything she decides or does is understandable and mainly reasonable.

This story really gets you. When I saw that there were just a few pages left I figuratively was … kind of heart broken.
There is only one thing that is troubling me. Adelina does not really … develope throughout the story. She is stuck and does not know which way to go. She never decides truly who she wants to be or become. And at the end I’ve lost her … I couldn’t relate anymore to such deeply rooted hatred, pain and agony. Somewhere I’ve read that she was originally ment as a minor character but then the author had a change of heart.

I didn’t realise this was originally a villain-story until I’ve noticed this in some of the other reviews. But after knowing I can understand now why Adeline is who she is, or at least will become. A bittersweet taste is left but I am really looking forward to the next part. I still hope, that there is a way to save some characters, most of all Adeline.
Hope dies last.

So, please! Go and read this book and make up your mind. If you love a dark, renaissance-influenced fantasy world which will pull you in deeper and deeper – then go for it!  … and if you don’t you are truly missing out on something!

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