Why “After You” is basically “Me Before You” and why that’s a good thing.

Hello, fellow booklovers or just random visitors! It’s time to look into Jojo Moyes new book “After You” (The sequel to “Me Before You”). Ready?


Lou is depressed, but surely, she can’t admit that. She’s actually not depressed in the normal sense of the word, but she’s actually right there, where she started in the first book. She works at a place she doesn’t like, she lives in a flat, which she doesn’t love and she is lonelier than ever. The tide turns when she is falling of her … terrace? Yes, our sweet Lou was yelling angry at the dead man she loved after having a few drinks – and being distracted by a voice, while your balancing on the edge of the roof  isn’t the best way to deal with your anger. Because when you fall down and crash into your neighbours expensive antique, everyone thinks you wanted to kill yourself. Duh.
It’s alright, she survives. Her bones get broken a little and everyone thinks she had suicidal reasons, to “fall” off a rooftop.
Well, she get’s back to live with her parents and her awfully annoying sister to recover. Moving back into her flat something really, really … shocking happens. (If you don’t want to now, skip the rest of the summary). Will’s daughter is standing in her doorframe and this girl is a total mess.
Basically, Lou has to juggle a really, really messed up teenager with a stupid mother and some really BIG character flaws, with a shitty job, with the feeling of having disappointed Will’s last wishes, a support group and this really cute medic, who saved her life. Want to know more? Read the book.

For a more “professional” summary, click here.


I was crying, I was laughing and I was (most of the time) really frustrated. I know, as someone who has no idea what to actually DO with the opportunities offered, how hard it is to choose a path. BUT DAMN – Lou is totally losing it, in every way possible. She is working in a terrible bar with a embarrassing and even more terrible outfit – and she doesn’t really care. But Lou is good. She’s one of those people who put the happiness of others (for example Will’s daughter Lily) before her own needs and that’s rare.

To skip the part where I totally go nuts with this girl is a favour (I was never this difficult as a teenager but my mum wasn’t even near that horrible person Lily calls “Mother”).
The writing and story are as good or as bad as the first book (Which worked perfectly fine for me). You dive back into the world and yes, you’re terribly sad that Will (that ass) is gone and Lou is left on her own.
I recommend this book to all of the readers and fans from “Me Before You” because it’s as heart wrenching and real as the first book. I hope you enjoyed this rambling and have great day.


Quick Tip #2 – “Reckless”

Angesicht der Tatsache, dass Cornelia Funke endlich den dritten Band ihrer “Reckless”-Reihe um Will und Jacob und den düsteren Abenteuern, die sie gemeinsam mit dem Mädchen “Fuchs” zusammen erleben, veröffentlicht hat, muss ich doch mal einen “Quick-Tip” daran verschwenden 😉

Da ich um den dritten Teil zu lesen mein Gedächtnis ein bisschen auffrischen möchte, werde ich demnächst noch einmal den zweiten Band lesen. Dann können einige noch flugs mit einsteigen.

Falls dir die Reckless-Reihe kein Begriff ist, dann würde ich jetzt aber schwuppdiwupp in die nächste Bücherei eilen und diese Bücher ausleihen! Cornelia Funke ist ein Meister der Erzählungen (Tintenherz? Ja? Das sagt dir was? Sehr schön! Das heißt, es gibt noch Hoffnung :D) und ich weiß noch genau, wie mich Reckless absolut begeistert hat.

#QuickTip der Woche: “Reckless- Steinernes Fleisch” von Cornelia Funke (2010)
“Reckless- Lebendige schatten” von Cornelia Funke (2012)

Perfekt für: Diejenigen, die gerne die düstere Seite einer Märchenwelt kennen lernen wollen, voll von magischen Wesen, Schätzen und Mythen, vor allem aber für eingefleischte Funke-Fans!Und wer beides schon gelesen hat und keine Auffrischung braucht – hier könnt ihr den dritten Band “Das goldene Garn” bestellen.